After a great startup Tuesday, we asked the audience for volunteers to

Different types of volunteer help:

a) help find speakers / startups to present at the weekly meeting
b) help keep meetings on track, we are going to have more and more people coming to events, help with people who need to RSVP to get priority seating (and those who don’t rsvp can stand), just stuff during the meetings. maybe also with introducing people
c) BIGGER events – we really want to have a pitch night, and those have to be a bigger location / venue. Maybe you can help find and organize the meeting location? We can talk more if you’re interested, think you’d be perfect person for this. Can be at a restaurant, bar , or hotel venue
d) find judges – if you run across experienced businessmen or VC, financial guys, that want to be a judge to give feedback to startups pitching, keep an eye out.

Startup involvement:
Really cool you want to get involved with a startup, to be honest, I have a lot of ideas for startups, as wel as others. and there are people with money. the most important thing is to find people who WANT TO DO IT, and more importantly, will stay dedicated to the project.

I think we need to make the startup weekend ASAP that I mentioned……..wondering what date, but this is when you can meet others who wan t to get into a startup, form a team on a friday night work together building it friday and saturday and sunday, and then sunday night pitch it to the group and judges. Then you can make agreement with the others in the team to continue or not.