Thanks again to Bruce Levin for coming tonight and speaking on business model generation. We had a solid 35 to 40 people showing up, again a good mix, actually a better quality mix, of Chinese and foreigner, technical and business, entrepreneur and investor. It keeps getting better and better.

He is willing to share his slides, you can download them – Introduction to Business Model Generation

I took some notes, and as usual past them below.

Business model generation

NOT a business plan.

What is a business model? Describes rationale how a business creates, delivers, and captures value.
think things through first!

there are 9 points, but there are 4 main points:

Offer (product / service)
Financial viability

What is value? the thing (product or service) that people will pay money for.

We got a bit off topic talking about Gilette razors loss leader model, printers making money selling ink not the machines, and affiliate marketing tricks and ways they make big money. Also a big topic was skype, being bought out by ebay, then bought back by the founder of skype for a fraction of the price, then sold to microsoft for 8 times that (approx)