Thanks again to Steven for coming last night and speaking on Philippines Business.

Therefrom, it construed to us what kind of environment、Opportunity and selection we have in Philippines.

There close to the daily life’s describes and the useful advices about start a business are very useful to any newbies in Philippines;

And also it let us know more about this shy but full of professional business experiences boy and his life.

I took some notes from the talk, as below:

(1)、Why choose Philippines such a different culture/religious/Social atmosphere place as business place?

(2)、How to start the business in Philippines?

Market research;

Location Search;

Renting apartment/office in Philippines;

Registering Business;

Philippines’s Tax policy;

Government’s economic /policy /social environment etc.

Benefits for employees;

Typical hiring procedures;

Contracts/setting rules and policies;

Other subsidizing overhead etc.

On the meeting,Steven not just shared what he learned from China and Philippines two different marketing business,but also,told us about his funny daily life experiences while he first landed in Philippines.It brought lots of laughing to us together.

After the meeting, participants had an interesting and happy discusses together. Let us know more

Opportunities of China and Philippines business marketing in the brighter future.

I think this is Startup Tuesday’s mainly purpose. Share the ideas and experiences together, share the happy hours together, and share the opportunities together.

We will continue our efforts to do better.And hope more people can support and willing to join in the happy hours with us together in the future.