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It is December, 2017 – seven years have passed since this SZteam idea kicked off. I remember the meetups and the discussions to get this off the ground. We were way too early. People in Shenzhen – as well as the rest of the world – had no idea what coworking was. Why not just work in a Starbucks was what most people said. Now coworking is everywhere – in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and around the world. While the physical office SZteam closed years ago, we said we would be back. We are working hard to help connect the community […]

Seeking Volunteers in Shenzhen for Startup Community Development!

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After a great startup Tuesday, we asked the audience for volunteers to Different types of volunteer help: a) help find speakers / startups to present at the weekly meeting b) help keep meetings on track, we are going to have more and more people coming to events, help with people who need to RSVP to get priority seating (and those who don’t rsvp can stand), just stuff during the meetings. maybe also with introducing people c) BIGGER events – we really want to have a pitch night, and those have to be a bigger location / venue. Maybe you can […]

Shenzhen team, community building for startups!

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We’re trying again! The volunteers and organizers from various startup events in China hope to band together under the Shenzhen team (SZteam) brand. Many other cities around the world, and in China, have created such volunteer driven organizations. We are passionate about doing the same in Shenzhen. We hope to be the organizing group for such local Shenzhen events such as: Startup Weekend Bar Camp Startup Saturday Startup Sauna We are open to anyone in the community who wants to support this movement!

SZteam coworking now cooperates w/ 3W Coffee Startup cafe

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Happy 2013! SZteam coworking office has moved locations a few times, and most currently we are now cooperating together with the new 3W coffee shop in north high tech park! They started in Beijing, China with a massive following and during the summer of 2012 opened their second location here in Shenzhen city! We’re very excited to cooperate together and support startups and entrepreneurship in this lively and young city of Shenzhen. Currently SZteam coworking office has moved to cooperate together with the Shenzhen 3W coffee startup cafe: 3w Coffee Startup Cafe first floor , East block, Yuanxing technology building […]

Re-organizing, gathering organizers!

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We are organizing our return! Shenzhen needs a startup community! It deserves one! We are also creating a private-network for those who apply that will be on http://startup.szteam.com Startup Weekend is coming Nov 9 – 11 Please contact mike @ szteam.com if you would like to get involved in organizing startup weekend or startup tuesdays!

Startup Tuesday #2 – How to “Start a Startup”

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After a great turnout from the Fist Startup Tuesday in Shenzhen, we listened to people and feel there is a great desire for a support community and hub for startups….but there were quite a few people who just need some basic understanding of what is a startup, how to get involved in one, and other basics. So we will start a series in the next few meetings going through various phases of a startup and get ideas and input from the community. Also at this meetup, we will discuss about a startup WEEKEND and discuss when / if there is […]

Nice Turnout at Shenzhen’s First Startup Tuesday!

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I truly believe marketing is listening to what people want, and giving them that. If you missed the event, here are the slides from tonight – Shenzhen Team – Startups Tuesday, and I’m outlining it here. Shenzhen’s 1st “Startups Tuesday” Bringing Together Shenzhen’s Startup Community!   Today’s Agenda People kept asking me what is this first meetings agenda…but really, its an open meeting to explain the purpose of this club, how its different from the various Chamber of Commerce meetings, how its about being a support group for startups and new businesses. We structured it as such: Round table […]

New Website

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As you may have noticed currently our website is somewhat incongruous with our Shenzhen Team logo and colour scheme: …also we don’t really have many photographs on the site of the current space and facilities. We’re aware of this and are currently working on a new website that reflects who we are, what we do and creating a platform that benefits you the community by allowing you the best way to promote yourselves and connect with each other and the wider world.

What do you think of Shenzhen coworking? Take our Survey

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Thank you for those who attended the launch party. We have some signups now, and want to see —- Dear SZteam launch party attendee, Thanks so much for attending the Thursday July 21 szteam.com launch party. We had a great time and believe everyone else there did too! We didn’t get time to have a formal speech, but please take a minute to fill out the below survey, even if you’re not interested in becoming a member, ideas and feedback is greatly helpful in our development. Take our survey! Regards, SZteam office crew —– Please take the time to give […]

First Shenzhen Coworking Space Launch Party!

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The first Shenzhen coworking office, SZteam is now open! We will debute this coworking space with a launch party (open house) on Thursday, July 21 from 7pm to 10pm. We will provide complimentary wine and tea and snacks! The purpose of this event is to introduce the first coworking space in Shenzhen to the community, allow some business networking, and discuss future events and groups that can form inside this new SOHO community! Where is it? South part of Nanshan High Tech Park. Take the Shenzhen Metro to stop Ke Yuan on the Shekou line – address is Nanjing Univ […]