4th Startup Tuesday – Business Canvas Application

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After last week’s startup Tuesday, Bruce discussed business model generation and it was just not enough time to fully cover and get into examples. So after our feedback, we will continue and expand on this discussion, applying real world business models to it. Also at this meetup, we will discuss about a BOOTup weekend and discuss when / if there is enough people interested to start it on a weekend of September 2-4, we have been receiving applications. Topic / Agenda: Business model generation. What: Startups Tuesday, Shenzhen Meetup For Who: People that are in startups, VC, investors, want to […]

Shenzhen “BootUP!” Weekend, Experience a Startup over 3 days, Try Sept 2-4?!?

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Startups Shenzhen + SZteam are doing another first for Shenzhen here at Shenzhen Team. For three days, 20 eager entrepreneurs will both learn and work on their own startups. If you are a student, designer, developer, or just enthusiastic about starting your own company, this is something to not miss. We are aiming for September 2nd to the 4th….we know that is one and a half weeks away….but so many people at Startup Tuesdays want it, we are gonna see how many applicants we can get, we have a good amount of support from mentors and judges and sponsors. Here […]

3rd Startup Tuesday, First Great Lecture – Business Model Generation

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Thanks again to Bruce Levin for coming tonight and speaking on business model generation. We had a solid 35 to 40 people showing up, again a good mix, actually a better quality mix, of Chinese and foreigner, technical and business, entrepreneur and investor. It keeps getting better and better. He is willing to share his slides, you can download them – Introduction to Business Model Generation I took some notes, and as usual past them below. Business model generation NOT a business plan. What is a business model? Describes rationale how a business creates, delivers, and captures value. think things […]

Startups Tuesday #3 – Business Model Generation

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Our first weekly speaker will start at our 3rd startup Tuesday in Shenzhen. Bruce Levin will discuss business model generation, covering-v what is a Business Model? A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. It can be described using nine basic building blocks that show the logic of how a company intends to make money. The nine blocks cover the four main areas of a business: • Customers • Offer • Infrastructure • Financial viability The business model is a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes, and systems. […]

Recap of Startup Tuesday #2 – How to “Start a Startup”

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Our 2nd “startup tuesday” here in Shenzhen was based on the “basics” (from the prior week’s audience feedback and level) as we felt people needed to start from ground level to make sure we don’t leavev anyone behind. The slides are here Basically, we went over “what is a startup”, how to “form a startup” (explain a startup doesnt really need to be a formal company at the beginning, how to deal with partners, payment methods, project planning) This time, people really wanted to remember who came! So as we went around the room, I typed this list. Sorry if […]

Planning a Beach Party: Need your advice…

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Startups Beach Party SZ Team are proposing a Startups party at the Beizaijiao (背仔角) silver beach with the topic of “Startups and business Communication”. Good idea or? Information Beizaijiao beach is a wonderful scenic area located in Xichong Longgang district near to the Meisha bay area. We hope to provide a fun and relaxing environment for everyone to share his or her own experiences (achievements and failures) on businesses as well as having fun and discussing future dreams and aspirations! Date and Contact Details: When: 2pm Saturday 27/08/11 to 10am Sunday 28/08/11 (Preset Time! we’ll email applicants the confirmed date […]

Startup Tuesday #2 – How to “Start a Startup”

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After a great turnout from the Fist Startup Tuesday in Shenzhen, we listened to people and feel there is a great desire for a support community and hub for startups….but there were quite a few people who just need some basic understanding of what is a startup, how to get involved in one, and other basics. So we will start a series in the next few meetings going through various phases of a startup and get ideas and input from the community. Also at this meetup, we will discuss about a startup WEEKEND and discuss when / if there is […]

Nice Turnout at Shenzhen’s First Startup Tuesday!

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I truly believe marketing is listening to what people want, and giving them that. If you missed the event, here are the slides from tonight – Shenzhen Team – Startups Tuesday, and I’m outlining it here. Shenzhen’s 1st “Startups Tuesday” Bringing Together Shenzhen’s Startup Community!   Today’s Agenda People kept asking me what is this first meetings agenda…but really, its an open meeting to explain the purpose of this club, how its different from the various Chamber of Commerce meetings, how its about being a support group for startups and new businesses. We structured it as such: Round table […]

New Website

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As you may have noticed currently our website is somewhat incongruous with our Shenzhen Team logo and colour scheme: …also we don’t really have many photographs on the site of the current space and facilities. We’re aware of this and are currently working on a new website that reflects who we are, what we do and creating a platform that benefits you the community by allowing you the best way to promote yourselves and connect with each other and the wider world.

Whats the meaning behind the name “Shenzhen Team”?

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Shenzhen Team, or SZteam (we picked a shorter english name for a bunch of reasons: The internet is all about short URLs – the full name of Shenzhen is too long, SZ is commonly known to both foreigners and Chinese to represent Shenzhen. Twitter and Weibo – online, there are limits more and more to the length of a URL, especially microblogging, so only 6 characters Easier for Chinese to remember – sure, many other English websites in Shenzhen are spelled out like shenzhen-standard.com , shenzhenstuff.com , shenzhenparty.com – but those sites are doing 2 things, targetting SEO for the […]