Nice Turnout at Shenzhen’s First Startup Tuesday!

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I truly believe marketing is listening to what people want, and giving them that. If you missed the event, here are the slides from tonight – Shenzhen Team – Startups Tuesday, and I’m outlining it here. Shenzhen’s 1st “Startups Tuesday” Bringing Together Shenzhen’s Startup Community!   Today’s Agenda People kept asking me what is this first meetings agenda…but really, its an open meeting to explain the purpose of this club, how its different from the various Chamber of Commerce meetings, how its about being a support group for startups and new businesses. We structured it as such: Round table […]

New Website

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As you may have noticed currently our website is somewhat incongruous with our Shenzhen Team logo and colour scheme: …also we don’t really have many photographs on the site of the current space and facilities. We’re aware of this and are currently working on a new website that reflects who we are, what we do and creating a platform that benefits you the community by allowing you the best way to promote yourselves and connect with each other and the wider world.

Whats the meaning behind the name “Shenzhen Team”?

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Shenzhen Team, or SZteam (we picked a shorter english name for a bunch of reasons: The internet is all about short URLs – the full name of Shenzhen is too long, SZ is commonly known to both foreigners and Chinese to represent Shenzhen. Twitter and Weibo – online, there are limits more and more to the length of a URL, especially microblogging, so only 6 characters Easier for Chinese to remember – sure, many other English websites in Shenzhen are spelled out like , , – but those sites are doing 2 things, targetting SEO for the […]

First Startups Shenzhen Meetup, Tuesday!

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Been talking to more and more people that want to network with other startups in Shenzhen….there are many around, well lets DO IT! We will use the office for the place, and pick Tuesday night 7pm to get people together. What: Startups Shenzhen Meetup For Who: People that are in startups or curious When: Tuesday, Aug 9, 7pm to around 9pm Where: coworking office, (see below) Cost: Free Dress: Casual Agenda: This is the first one, I think lets just have an open round table for those who attend to see how many people are interested, what kind […]

What do you think of Shenzhen coworking? Take our Survey

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Thank you for those who attended the launch party. We have some signups now, and want to see —- Dear SZteam launch party attendee, Thanks so much for attending the Thursday July 21 launch party. We had a great time and believe everyone else there did too! We didn’t get time to have a formal speech, but please take a minute to fill out the below survey, even if you’re not interested in becoming a member, ideas and feedback is greatly helpful in our development. Take our survey! Regards, SZteam office crew —– Please take the time to give […]

Great Success! Good Times at SZteam Open House!

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Life has been like a dream come true lately…..surely I am not making tons of cash, but I am enjoying what I do. And I know, or have learned, that in life the most important thing is to find what we love to do, and do it. Let the rest work itself out. Spent a lot of time this week pushing people to come out for the launch party of the SZteam and many of my friends question if its really work….but I am a connector. and I enjoy it. And I want to grow this network even bigger. Last […]

First Shenzhen Coworking Space Launch Party!

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The first Shenzhen coworking office, SZteam is now open! We will debute this coworking space with a launch party (open house) on Thursday, July 21 from 7pm to 10pm. We will provide complimentary wine and tea and snacks! The purpose of this event is to introduce the first coworking space in Shenzhen to the community, allow some business networking, and discuss future events and groups that can form inside this new SOHO community! Where is it? South part of Nanshan High Tech Park. Take the Shenzhen Metro to stop Ke Yuan on the Shekou line – address is Nanjing Univ […]

Coworking Interview in China News

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Whose idea was it to open a coworking space in Shenzhen? I know it’s absurd to call a metropolis like Shenzhen a “second-tier city”, but people do talk about it that way, and as far as I can find, this means you’d be opening the first coworking space in China outside the first-tier cities. Is that true? What makes you think the idea will work in Shenzhen? Why Shenzhen and not Guangzhou? We both came about the same idea in different ways, and fortunately got put in touch over the internet at about the right time. I’ll start with Mike […]

Completing Office Setup! Preparing for Launch!

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This week has been the “setup week” making multiple trips to IKEA store to purchase tables and chairs and other decor. After meetings and strategy, we will use next week as a “soft launch” having people come and visit, get early bird discounts, and get the word out. Already have had about 5- 7 people visit and interested in utilizing the space either for their own use, their staff use, or meetings / community building. Then we will have a launch party on Thursday, July 21. I have been inviting the HK coworking (boot hk) and startups hk to check […]

Shenzhen Coworking Opening Soon!

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here is the details on this new space Gareth, Jun, and Mike just setup: Where is it? South part of Nanshan High Tech Park. Take the Shenzhen Metro to stop Ke Yuan on the Shekou line – address is 深圳市南山区高新区南区粤兴三道6号南京大学深圳产学研基地大楼B区502号, come out of Exit D at 科苑 metro and it’s the building on your left. Venue Size: 258 square meter office at the 南京大学 building next to 科苑地铁站 How many spots? : 20 fixed spaces , 24 hot desks How much? 1,200 rmb per month for fixed desks, 500 rmb month for hot desks, 60 rmb/ day for daily rate […]